Santa Rosa Junior College Grants

This webform is to report current and on-going grants at Santa Rosa Junior College.

Please take a few minutes to complete the entire form. If you are reporting more than one grant, please fill out a separate form for each grant. 

Grant Information

Begin and End Dates

Funding Logistics
Categorical Funds are funds for which we do not compete, rather they are allocated based on a formula (e.g. CTEA, StrongWorkforce, CTE Pipeline, Basic Skills, etc.). Competitive Funds are funds for which we compete in an open competition (e.g. HEP, HSI, NSF, TRIO, etc.)
If you have anything you would like to share about the grant funding source, or how the program you oversee receives funding, please include it in the box above.
Funding received on an annual basis. (Please input numbers only, no symbols, commas, or decimal points, e.g. 500000)
Total funding received throughout life of grant. (Please input numbers only, no symbols, commas, or decimal points, e.g. 500000). If not applicable, please fill-in as N/A.
Please provide a brief summary describing the purpose of the grant/funding, including information on the intended recipients, and how funding has been and will be implemented.
District Contact Information
The district contact may be the director of a program or a Principal Investigator/ Co-Principal Investigator for a grant.